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    Natural Aerials
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    4 March 2022
    • Vinyl 12”


      Natural Aerials Pink Vinyl

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      • 12" pressed on 140g Pink vinyl
      • Full artwork jacket sleeve, 3mm spine
      • Mastered and cut by Matt Colton
      • WAV/FLAC EP download included

    Following widespread acclaim for his recent LP ‘Always Inside your Head’, on March 4th / April 8th Matt Cutler AKA Lone releases four re-works of tracks from the album, entitled ‘Natural Aerials’.

    On ‘Natural Aerials (Mouth of God Part Two)’, Lone utilises a similar sound palette as album track ‘Mouth Of God’, but rebuilds it into a brand new banger. Energetic, deep, trancey and driven by jungle-schooled breakbeats, with bassbin shuddering low-end, he delves deeper into the vortex. Whereas the album was made predominantly using software, Cutler has since been buying hardware – and this marks the first track made on these newly acquired synths.

    Based around a version from Lone’s recent sold-out live show at London’s Village Underground, on ‘Inlove2 (One Thirty Mix)’ he ups the original’s BPM count, with sights set firmly on the dancefloor. Taking cues from the ‘Ambivert Tools’ series, this is a high-grade, proggy, main room acid rush.

    On ‘Visited By Astronauts (SHERELLE Had A Groove Remix)’, the fast-rising star takes an ambient interlude from the album, and gives it what she calls “a space age, footwork jungle twist”. Her first released remix, Sherelle continues an impeccable purple patch, with a re-rub that’s both airy and light, but also heavily percussive, full of propulsive forward motion. She states, "it’s a pleasure and honour to remix for Lone, as being a long time fan, it's a beautiful thing to be able to collaborate. I really wanted my first remix to be special and also for someone who I hugely admire, so Matt asking me to be involved in this process wastruly magical!”

    ‘Echo Paths Ebb And Flow’ takes a downtempo album highlight, strips it back to just the synths, then unfurls them into a blissful ambient work that’s melodic, warm and fuzzy, swaddling the listener in candy floss clouds.

    Digital Tracklist

    1. 1 Natural Aerials (Mouth of God Part Two) 5:00 Buy

      Natural Aerials (Mouth of God Part Two)

    2. 2 InLove2 (One Thirty Mix) 5:17 Buy

      InLove2 (One Thirty Mix)

    3. 3 Visited By Astronauts (SHERELLE Had A Groove Remix) 4:36 Buy

      Visited By Astronauts (SHERELLE Had A Groove Remix)

    4. 4 Echo Paths Ebb and Flow 7:11 Buy

      Echo Paths Ebb and Flow


  • ReleaseProduct
    Always Inside Your Head
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    29 October 2021
    • Vinyl 2×LP


      Double LP

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      • 2LP pressed on 140g black vinyl
      • Gatefold sleeve
      • Mastered and cut by Matt Colton
      • WAV/FLAC album download included
    • Vinyl 2×LP + 7”

      Sold out

      Deluxe Edition. Bonus tracks + 7" + art print

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      • Limited edition (Lone store and bandcamp exclusive)
      • Includes exclusive bonus 7" single with exclusive tracks 'Pieces Of A Puzzle (In Another Room)' and 'Poltergeist'
      • 2LP pressed on 140g clear splatter Vinyl
      • Includes exclusive 12x12 inch art print of the album cover
      • Gatefold sleeve
      • Mastered and cut by Matt Colton
      • WAV/FLAC album download included (including bonus tracks)
    • CD

      Sold out


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      • Gatefold cardboard softpack CD
      • Limited edition
    • Cassette Limited Edition Cassette

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      • Limited Edition Cassette
      • WAV/FLAC album download included

    On 22nd October, the Nottingham-raised and highly-praised musician/DJ/producer Matt Cutler, AKA Lone, presents his 8th album – and first in 5 years – ‘Always Inside Your Head’. It marks two major changes, with both a new label and new approach – featuring vocalists for the first time.

    This deeply textural and ethereal artwork is situated high above the clouds, amidst the heavens, occupying a stratospheric state where swathes of synthesized vapour and azure rays sound like a literal breath of fresh air.

    A varied selection of music influenced the record, but two main influences were Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. “I wanted to approach a range of different styles, but attack them from their angle in a way, so for example on 'Inlove2' I tried to imagine what a Balearic / acid house tune might sound like if it were produced by Kevin Shields”, comments Lone.

    Another key example of Cutler’s strange but successful combination of elements is the halcyon bliss of ‘Echo Paths’, where his trademark fat drums and love for hip hop meet double-time pan pipes, dub effects and dream pop, mixed into a wonderfully lysergic concoction.

    This rarefied auditory stratus was previously evident in tracks like ‘Alpha Wheel 4 (Ambient Mix)’ from ‘DJ Kicks’, ‘Under Cherry Blossoms (Minds Eye Reprise)’ from ‘Ambivert Tools, Vol. 2’, ‘Pulsar’ (from ‘Ambivert 4’), and ‘How Can You Tell’ (from ‘Abraxas’), but is now more fully-fledged, broader in scope and even more celestial.

    In addition to the above, the LP exists somewhere between trip hop on Mo' Wax, 90s Warp, intelligent drum & bass and ambient house. There are heavier forays too, like ‘Mouth Of God’, where darker clouds emerge, but are pierced like acid lightning with fierce, tearing tech-step bass.

    Although still firmly rooted in club culture – here Lone shows a definite leaning towards a song-based sound, with several tracks edging towards the same crossover space as the nineties hits which also inspired him – particularly William Orbit’s production on Madonna's 'Frozen', and Olive's 'You're Not Alone'. This is especially evident on the bright, spacious brilliance of 'Hidden By Horizons', where vocals and synths swirl around one another, with crisp breakbeats and reggae rolls pushing purposefully through the ether.

    Despite initially seeming almost entirely sunny of disposition, upon deeper immersion there’s lot more beneath the album’s surface, both in its deep pools of immiscible layered elements, and also thematically. When recording Cutler kept in mind a loose narrative based on birth, death, and our existence in-between.

    He then extended this idea to reach what may happen after death, which is reflected in the sequencing: By penultimate track ‘Undaunted’ the life reflected in this longplayer has come to an end, which is then followed by 'Coming In To Being And Passing Away' – an afterlife epilogue, which evokes a transition from this world to the next.

    Digital Tracklist

    1. 1 Hidden By Horizons 4:37 Buy

      Hidden By Horizons

    2. 2 Realise 5:07 Buy


    3. 3 Echo Paths 5:12 Buy

      Echo Paths

    4. 4 Visited By Astronauts 1:53 Buy

      Visited By Astronauts

    5. 5 InLove2 7:04 Buy


    6. 6 Mouth of God 4:52 Buy

      Mouth of God

    7. 7 Akoya 4:55 Buy


    8. 8 Tree For Tree 6:38 Buy

      Tree For Tree

    9. 9 Undaunted 6:17 Buy


    10. 10 Coming Into Being And Passing Away 6:16 Buy

      Coming Into Being And Passing Away



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